6 Reasons Why You'll Love Traveling with Your Best Friend

"There is a whole world out there. Pack your backpack, your best friend, and go." --Unknown

There are no truer words, Khlomilians. Traveling with your BFF is the bomb! ๐Ÿ’ฃ

This year for spring break I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico with my bestie, and we had a BLAST! Here's why traveling with a partner rocks:

1. She gets you. No one gets you as much as your best friend. They will understand when you need to be alone and when it's time to party like rockstars.

2. Even delayed flights can be fun. Have you ever had airport fun during a delayed flight? We have, and it was the best. We laughed, and people watched until it was finally time to board our plane.

3. She knows how to capture your best angles. Let's all agree that there's an art to capturing angles. While this task may be annoying to some, your bestie will understand the NEED for the perfect Instagram pic.

4. You trust each other. What's understood, doesn't need to be explained. Period.

5. You don't mind comprising. Making decisions on your vacation like what to eat, see, or do next can get complicated between not-so-close friends. But, when you are serious BFFs, you have so many common interests that your similar taste can take the pressure off of planning.

6. The bond is so much tighter. After a week in Mexico filled with late-night talks, new adventures, and lifetime memories, my BFF and I are closer than ever. I cannot wait for the next trip!

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